Friday, September 28, 2012

God Bless Crock Pots

Dear John,
I'm feeling much better tonight. I don't know why, but neither do I know why I felt bad yesterday. I just take the days as they come.
I went by Panera on the way to work this morning, and finally gave Matt's wedding present to him. He and Candace are expecting again. He's happy to be back in Goshen, and Goshen is happy to have him back. He still misses you. Since he was in Mishawaka until recently, he had to get used to the Goshen Panera without you. And I'm still getting used to that, too. I'm glad he's back.
The girls are gone for the weekend, so Jethro and I are on our own. He will probably sleep through most of it. Last night I had one of those nights that I wake up every hour, so the poor dog didn't get much sleep either. I hope I let both of us sleep tonight. Tomorrow I want to tackle the rest of the bedroom wallpaper border, and Sunday after church I'm going over to Tammy's house for some girl time. Somewhere in there I hope to mow the back yard. And I have some boneless pork ribs that were on sale, and will go in the crock pot tomorrow.
That crock pot has been one of the best wedding gifts we got, hasn't it? It's wonderful. We used it when we were having people over for Sunday lunch: how to feed people well and not miss church doing it. And it was good to come home from work and have dinner ready. I started out with recipes, but now I put whatever I have in it, season it with whatever smells good today, and it always comes out tasting wonderful. I love the thing.
And I love you - have I told you that within the last few minutes? You may have suspected something of the sort. Love you, adore you, worship the ground you walk on!

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