Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Helped Turn Father's Hair White

Dear John,
I didn't get the job. Both of the cath lab jobs were off the website job list this morning. So youth trumped experience - not surprising. I would have loved it, but it would have been physically demanding with a lot of call time. And Joe definitely didn't want me to get it - he was worried about a fibromite wearing a 25-pound lead apron. (I can't call a doctor "Doctor" when I've known him this long, including during his fellowship. I'll always think of him as Joe.) Most of the jobs posted now are for the Childbirth Unit, something I've always avoided like the plague. There are some casual jobs that might be interesting ("Casual" seems to be their equivalent of prn), one in the GI lab that also involves holter monitoring (been there, done that) and one in outpatient infusion. I'll hit the grapevine and see what I can find out.
Church was good this morning. I was the only soprano for a while, and I'm not even a real soprano, but Lacey arrived and rescued me. I was more of a tenor today, and will be until we have a good frost and the mold count goes down. (By the way, we're under a frost advisory tonight, headed for a low of 35.) It's amazing how much more fun the choir is when I'm not the director. Bless Brian, he's doing such a good job, much better than I did. He's better with people than I am. My vision took us from Anglican to Byzantine chant; his vision will take us wonderful places.
I was looking at Father during the Liturgy, and realized his beard is almost completely white now. It was darker when he first came here. I suppose we're all turning his hair white - an understandable reaction to us, especially during the last two years. I do hope he knows how much he's loved here. Like I told Bishop Mark at Antiochian Village, Father is perfect for us and we're thankful for him.
That's all the news here. Tomorrow I'll go the the Post Office and the bank on the way to work, and on the way home I need to get yogurt. I'm out, which is a terrible thing. If I don't have too long a day at work, I'll come by for a visit tomorrow afternoon. But I can't bring ice cream until The Chief opens in the spring.
Oh, the earthquake last night was me getting up in the middle of the night to close the house and turn on the heat. It was 41 outside and 61 inside. I bet you thought I'd leave the house open all winter without you here to make me close it, didn't you?
Your strange wife who loves you,

PS - I don't mean that I'm your strange wife as opposed to your normal one. Thank goodness you didn't want a normal wife! And bigamy must require vast financial resources. Love you so much!

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