Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Love My In-Laws

Dear John,
Today is the first day of the new church year - I hope there was a good celebration where you are.
Ah-HAH! That must be why there have been fireworks - BIG fireworks - here tonight. I've had a terrified 55-pound dog in my lap all evening. I told everybody on Facebook: If you want to kill me, use fireworks and the dog won't get in your way.
I had a wonderful day today. Jim and Irene came over in the truck, and took the stuff for the nieces and nephews back with them. I'll mail your father's pocket watch to Mike. They took the wardrobe for Chris and Heather, the quilt and china and small rocker for Anna, the chest of drawers for Jacob, and your father's rocking chair for Jimmy. While they were here they helped me haul lots of furniture around. Your bedside table and my cedar chest are in the basement, the green upholsered chair is in my bedroom, I put together a small bookcase that matches my desk. And we hauled furniture around in the basement and got most of Elyssa's playroom set up. I still have my work area to organize, but all Elyssa's area needs is a power cord. Have I told you lately how much I love your family? They came over last night and left this evening. Bless their hearts, I feel bad about letting them do so much for me. But I  try to realize that it's your family that's normal and healthy. I grew up so far away from family that I didn't get to do those kinds of things. And your mother sent me another Meijer gift card, which I'll be happy to put to use. We're almost out of dog food!
Oh, and I got a Facebook friend request today from Aleesha! You've brought the nicest people into my life, and I thank you for that. Nobody who has ever lived has been as wonderful as you, of course. After all, you're the world's only perfect man. And, as I've told you, that doesn't mean you don't have faults - if you didn't have faults you wouldn't be perfect, just annoying. I've always loved your faults, too.
Love you, all of you!

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