Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Love the Smell of Rawhide in the Morning

Dear John,
I know - it's morning. I'm not supposed to be here. But I have a couple of things to tell you.
First, get this: The dog was playing with his chew chip - the last bit of the last knot remaining from a rawhide bone - throwing it up in the air and then chasing it. Well, he threw it and it landed on my desk. Poor thing, he was prancing and whimpering for me to come and get it down for him. I wish you could have seen it. He's a little leery now about throwing it, so he's lying on the rug devouring the thing. Entertaining creature!
Second, I just got a call from the law firm in Indy that Allstate has hired to represent me in the lawsuit about last year's car accident. (diagram that sentence!) The other folks know that I have no memory of the accident, but they want to take a deposition anyway. My attorney will be there, probably in Goshen, probably in October or November. (The Law doesn't move quickly.)
This should be interesting. The only reason for taking a deposition, when they know I don't remember the accident, is an attempt to trap me into saying something that can later be used against me. But like Lord Peter Wimsey, I am well-practiced at talking and am generally very careful what I say even when it looks like I'm rambling. And there isn't much to say, anyway. I remember driving through downtown Topeka, then I remember Audora coming into the hospital room. That's it. And, important as those two things are, neither of them will be of much interest from a legal perspective. During the phone call, I did get the chance to fill them in on the history of that intersection, which is an important part of all this.
So, yes, this should be interesting. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, please keep praying for me! Life is a little more interesting than I'd like for it to be, but that isn't unusual for us, either, is it?
Have a wonderful day! Love you so much,
PS - Hug the Fathers for me. (Fr. Anthony, Fr. George, and Fr. Peter)

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