Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'll Take a Week Off Tomorrow, Please

Dear John,
It was an odd sort of day. I went to work, but not until mid-afternoon. Kathy said she wouldn't have anything for me to do until then. And then I only worked a couple of hours.
I meant to be there around 1:00. But after lunch I fell asleep, so that made me about half an hour late. Then I was walking down to get the car, and ran into Richard. I hadn't seen him since last fall, so we caught each other up on things, and it was good to talk. I went to the bank and was there a while, and talked to Bob a bit when I picked up the car. All in all, it was a lovely day that didn't go at all as I had planned. Isn't that the way it's always been for us?
The car is fine - just in for a regular oil change - but it does need two new tires for the front. This car isn't a cheap date; tires for it run about $100 a piece. But Bob will shop around for a good price, since it's not urgent. Bless him, it is so wonderful to have somebody that I completely trust to look after the car. I know he'll keep it as safe as he can, as inexpensively as he can. He's one of the really good things about living here.
I'm off tomorrow - maybe I'll get the rest of the border down in our bedroom. I really want to get that room painted and primed before it's too cold to have the windows open. (I know - I can hear you saying that it never gets too cold for ME to have them open.) I really should get to a grocery store, too - I'm running low on milk. I'd love to make a pot of soup. This is starting to sound like a week off, isn't it? And I have one-and-a-half socks to knit.
So I'd better get to bed sometime soon. Sleep well tonight - I'll sleep with my hand in your shoulder-print in the mattress. Love you with all my heart,

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