Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mowing, Dinosaur School, and Worrying People

Dear John,
It was a day made for mowing! It was mostly cloudy, with a good breeze and a temperature in the 60s. Jen's been doing most of the mowing, I think in deference to my advanced age. But I put my foot down and mowed today since she's getting over bronchitis. And, on such a cool day, I enjoyed mowing. It's rained so much lately that it was more like cutting hay. The grass was so high that I couldn't see one of Jethro's balls, and sliced it. So he's down to two.
While I was mowing, Jen was vaccuuming. So Jethro was completely beside himself, and now he's completely asleep. Jen's out with friends tonight, so Elyssa and I have had a good time together. Now she's in her room teaching school for her dinosarus, while NCIS has a caffeine marathon. And we're having another beautiful evening, but this time without the rain. I'm loving the cooler weather.
I think I worried people with my letter to you last night - I had emails this morning checking up on me. I'm really not depressed, even at my saddest. I am content and reasonably happy - those things can coexist very well with pain. I felt bad and missed you, and I also missed my mother - yesterday would have been her 91st birthday. She would have had so much fun with Elyssa!
While I was mowing, my mind came up with Daydream Believer  and Draggin' the Line, I have no idea why. While they were running in my head, I was thinking about how happy I was with you. Thinking about it made me happy today - probably because I felt better and it wasn't dark yet. It's getting dark now and I'm missing you more, but I'm still happy thinking about the years we had together. Thank you for every minute!
Missing you,

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