Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nobody Told Me Which Suit is Trumps

Dear John,
I had my job interview today, for a cath lab position. I have cath lab experience - nearly 20 years of cardiac critical care experience - but there are a bunch of applicants for the position and I don't know if experience can trump youth. This is the first interview I've ever had that didn't end in a job offer. Not that that's any indication of anything other than the change in the climate of nursing in general - it just feels strange because the process is so different from what I'm used to. You know - I'm old. And I have no idea which suit is trumps.
My head knows that the Lord will do what is best. Sometimes the rest of me doesn't quite match up with my head. I do have a job and some savings, so I'm not in a desperate situation yet. I really do know He will take care of me. I'm just a bit down tonight. It's the ugly, depressing reality of how hard it is to get a job once you're over 50. I have a lot to offer, but it's not in a young package anymore.
I remember the last time you went job-hunting, and ran into the same thing. Everybody assumed that you were too old to do the job. Then I found that "Hiring" sign at the Mishawaka Panera, and you put in an on-line application. And Matt and Matt liked you and took a chance on the "old guy." How glad was the company that you were there! That job turned out to be such a gift and a blessing, and it still is for me.
Well, the same God that gave us that job is still in charge here. I will be okay, whether it's through this job or something else. Please do pray for me tonight - for God's providence, my obedience, and that I won't stay down for too long. I could use some cheering up. If you have the time, it would really help to hear from you tonight. Call, text, or email - anything is fine with me! Or just come and put your arms around me, and tell me it will be alright.
Love you whole bunches,

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