Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Dinner Date

Dear John,
I enjoyed our dinner date tonight! Since The Chief is closed for the season, I went to Wendy's - off the dollar menu, I got a junior cheeseburger and a frosty for $2.12. What made the meal was the ambience of the cemetery; probably not something I should tell the Wendy's manager! It was a much nicer day to stay for a while - 63 with clear skies. I had a hard time getting my brain to be quiet when I first got there. And there were near-constant trains passing all the time I was there, which didn't help. When I can be still and quiet there, I feel love and comfort. It is a good place to be. And I kept my promise to Jen - I didn't dig at all.
I had a busy and somewhat odd day at work. Among other things, I defrosted the freezer downstairs near my office. I brought a turkey pie to eat for lunch - one of the 58-cent Banquet ones - and couldn't get the freezer door open for all the ice. So I got pans and towels, defrosted it, and cleaned the fridge. It's been years since I've done that. It seems llike we've always had no-frost freezers. But I remember well helping Mama do it when I was a child. It's one of those handy skills to have.
That's all the news here. I'm feeling good after resting up over the weekend. I hope to get some work done around the house this week. I still have that list we were going to work on last summer, then life got in the way. These last two years have not gone as planned. It was right about two years ago that I got mono, then everything went off the rails. None of that was unusual for us, though, was it? And if I had to be off the rails, I'm glad it was with you. That's why we didn't mind the curves that life threw us - what mattered was being together, not what was going on. I loved our life together because we were together. We're not together now - at least, not in the same way - so nothing matters. It's not that I'm miserable all the time, it's just that nothing matters. I'm doing a bad job of explaining, I know. But I think that's the best I can do now. I'll keep working on it and try again later.
I love you. Thanks for letting me come and eat dinner with you. May we share together in the Heavenly Banquet, very soon! Love you so much,

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