Monday, September 10, 2012

Taxes and St. Augustine

Dear John,
The Bengals and Ravens are playing tonight. I'm not watching - I need to get up early tomorrow, and anyway, who on earth would I cheer for? The substitute officials, I suppose.
The flu shot has finished tormenting me. I woke up this morning with energy and feeling good. And it's been such a beautiful day - clear, deep blue sky, low 70s, trees just starting to turn. It smelled and felt like the first day of fall. And after the hot summer we've had, I'm more than ready for fall.

I went digging through the 2010 tax file tonight, and found that annuity that the IRS is saying we didn't pay taxes on. Among other things, I found the form saying that the taxes were witheld. I'm going to call Michael in the morning and let him look things over, and have him deal with the IRS. They'll respond much better to a CPA than to a new widow whose husband did the taxes.

You should be proud of me - I'm actually letting people that want to help me, help me. That hasn't come easily to me in the past. I was brought up to be so independent, and that's generally a good thing and a part of my upbringing that I'm very grateful for. But there are times when we all need help, and times when other people want to do things for us and should be allowed to help. And these last few months have been one of those times.

I always appreciated the fact that you didn't run to my rescue when I didn't want you to. You know, like the evening I told Adela Collins I didn't particularly care for St. Augustine, not knowing she had done her dissertation on him. No matter what the other students thought, I decidedly did not need rescuing! She and I had a wonderful time debating his place in Church History, and I was quite capable of holding my own. But every time I did need help, you were there to give it, like the trip to Greenville to move my parents into Sterling House, when I was just out of the hospital with gram-negative sepsis. I shouldn't have been out of bed, and you saved me so pleasantly and happily. To sum it up, you were always there when I needed you, but you respected me too much to fuss over me. Have I told you lately that I love you, adore you, and worship the ground you walk on?

I do, you know. Always have and always will. Love you with all my heart,

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