Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Neurotic Dog and an Autumn Sunset

Dear John,
I'd better make this short tonight - Jethro is lying beside me and keeps laying his head on the keyboard. So all typos are his fault. I was home almost all day yesterday then I worked eight hours today, so he's sticking close by me. When I was brushing my teeth and washing my face, he was lying on my feet. Poor, neurotic beastie! Since you went to work one day and never came back, he gets anxious about his humans leaving the house. And it's getting dark so much earlier now; it was dusk by the time I got home. Daylight Stupid Time will end in November, and I'll have to leave a light on for him when I go to work.
He'll adjust to me being gone more. After all, somebody has to earn money for dog food and milkbones, right? But now he's just tired and is trying to tell me to go to sleep.
I wish you had been with me when I was driving home tonight. The sun was low, and the light was that warm yellow-orange that you see sometimes at sunset. That light, shining on the leaves that are changing color, was amazing. The countryside was stunning - white houses, red and yellow leaves, mums of all colors, corn ready for harvest, horses and cows in the fields - all of it glowing yellow-orange from the sunset. I turned Leadbelly off and just drove down 42 with my mouth hanging open, taking it all in. The sun sank lower and lower, and the lovely light was almost gone when I got home.
The neurotic dog and I had better get to sleep. I love you so much, and miss you - especially at bedtime. But I'm glad you're safe and happy, and that's what matters most. Your human and canine family members adore you. Sleep well,

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