Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Electric Stoves - Oh, the Tragedy!

Dear John,
It was a strange, busy day. I did the downtown loop, got to Kathy's around 9:15 and worked until 10, then I left for an appointment with Barb about this tickle/cough/wheeze cycle I have going. She agreed that it's viral, and I got prescriptions and headed back to work. On the way I ran down to Nappanee and found Bison Ridge. It's smaller than I expected, in a nice neighborhood, and looks very well-taken-care-of. Since it's so small, it seems that people know each other. They don't allow German Shepherds, but since Jethro is a mixed breed and is less than half the size of a German Shepherd, they can take him. The only crisis I will be forced to deal with is cooking on an electric stove. (I have no polite words for electric stoves.)  They have lots of mature trees, squirrels, birds, and yes, I can set up my birdfeeders. I can garden in the beds next to the apartment. All units have patios, and 2-bedroom units also have a balcony off the master bedroom. It's in a nice residential neighborhood, with friendly people jogging and biking in the road and waving to the cars.
So I'm starting lists: people to talk to, things I have to do, things I can have other people do. I'll probably have an open house in the basement for folks to come and get whatever they want. I need to go ruthlessly through the old curtains and linens.
Then I went back and worked the rest of my day, picked up prescriptions just in the nick of time, came home and fed Elyssa while Jen mowed. And now I'm falling asleep typing, due to the cough syrup (codeine and phenergan). So I should quit before I embarrass myself way too much.
I love you so much. Please keep praying for me - working out the timing on all this looks like a nightmare. Just pray for me on general principles.
Love you lots,

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