Monday, October 29, 2012

Gather 'Round the Parapet

Dear John,
I'm sure you knew this long before I did, but just to be sure - you have two friends coming to join you. Don died last week. Since I cancelled the paper to save some money, I missed the obituary. One day I saw a lot of cars across the street and wondered if that was what had happened, and got on the internet and found out. I'd missed the funeral, and I'm so sorry about that. But I ran into Meredith at the bank today and had a nice talk with her. She's glad he's not in pain anymore, like I'm glad your suffering and struggle are over. We're both looking at financial changes, but we women expect that.
This morning I was driving down the street and saw Harold come out his front door to go to his car. So I had to stop and talk, since the Giants swept the Series last night. He told me C.W had died over the weekend. He had a stroke, and knowing C.W as I did, I have to be thankful that he didn't have to live with the aftermath. He will be so missed. I know I'll miss him - I don't quite know why he and I hit if off so well, but I did love him.
So make ready to welcome more old friends! And if anybody else wants to hang out at the parapet watching for me, make them welcome, too. I feel more and more how thin the veil between here and there really is. As far as I can tell, that parapet seems more like the railing on a loft right over my head. And I really am content here. But when the Lord sees fit to take me home, I'll come with joy.
Hugging you from down here,

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