Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jethro's Very First Bath

Dear John,
Just a quick note to fill you in on the latest. We have survived Jethro's first bath.
He pushed a slat out of the fence, got out, and rolled in some horse manure. As soon as I discovered he was gone I put the garage door up, and he came running at the sound. That was great until I got a whiff of him. So he went straight into the bath tub for his very first bath after, of course, liberally spreading manure all over me and the bathroom.
I couldn't find the dog shampoo. I've rearranged the linen closet for the girls to have space and have no idea where it went. I didn't want to take the time to look for it so I used mine, and it worked better than any dog shampoo I've ever used. It seems that good old Suave is great for his fur.
Once I got him in the tub - which required heruclean manhandling - he did very well. He stood still for pouring, washing, and rinsing, and didn't even make a fuss about me taking his collar off and washing it. He's definitely the easiest dog I've ever bathed. That said, however: did I ever tell you how much I appreciate you doing most of the dog-bathing? Unless one of them got into something while you were at work, you always handled it. Thank you for all those baths you gave to Caleb and Naomi! I missed your help today. You should have seen the dark brown water running off of him - he really did it up right this time.
So I spread his blankets out over the couch and fixed myself some lunch, and he's curled up sleeping off his adventures. I got the fence slat nailed back in place. I was relieved to find it. I think it's possible that, with the right motivation, he could jump the fence. I don't want that idea to ever occur to him. As long as he's looking for ways to get under  or through it, I doubt that he'll think about going over it.
Well, that's all for this afternoon - just the continuing adventures of your little family, and my gratitude for all you did for our furry ones over the years. I'll talk to you again later today.
Love from me and the sleepy furry one,

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