Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Legally (& Accidentally) Stoned

Dear John,
I haven't felt quite as good today. I started coughing somewhere between 3 and 4 this morning. And somehow I got mixed up taking Mucinex and cough syrup, and got myself so sedated that I had to stay home today. I wasn't safe to drive until after 3:00 this afternoon. I wasn't really safe to walk when I woke up at 8:30 this morning. Cooking breakfast seemed to be a high-risk activity, so I had a bowl of cereal. I haven't even been up to knitting until the last hour or so. (I can hear Mulder asking: Have you ever lost nine hours?)
So it's been a totally wasted day, except that the dog got to cuddle with me and I got to watch a Criminal Minds marathon. (That's a show I won't watch with a six-year-old in the house.) The first episode I watched was my favorite - "Penelope." I like the back-story on Garcia, and I love the fact that they cast Nicholas Brendon in that role. It was such a delight to see Xander show up. Criminal Minds was another show that I was surprised that you liked. And I remember watching that episode with you. It was good to see it today.
I'll try to behave better tonight! I'm taking Prednisone now, and it's controlling the cough. I may have to call tomorrow and see somebody. I don't feel bad except for the cough. Would you mind picking up a loaf of bread on your way home?
Love you so, so, so much,

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