Friday, October 19, 2012

Living on Tomato Soup & Gatorade

Dear John,
I'm still sick, but hopefully less whiny than I was last night. Thank you for being patient with me. As I used to say after watching Investigation Discovery: Thank you for not having ever killed me yet.
I do have a nasty sore throat/headache/cough/runny-nose/ache-all-over thing going on. My temperature is running 96.3, so it seems to be viral. It will go away in a day or so. I stayed home today. Oh, and I have no voice - Becky said she could hear the silence from Arkansas. I seem to have  palpably decreased the sum total of noise in the universe. And having been my roommate in college and lived to tell about it, Becky would know!
So I didn't do much today, just what was necessary. I did eat and drink - the only things that tasted good were tomato soup and gatorade (not mixed). I do have to get out tomorrow. I need to get to the post office and pick up the mail, and I'm out of gatorade. I do wish you could bring me a large mac-and-cheese when you come home from work tonight. Actually, I'd be more than satisfied if you could just come home tonight! I miss you even more when I don't feel good. It's good to have warm dog fur to cuddle with - and Jethro has been very cuddly today - but, as we've established, he's not you.
He just lay down beside me and went to sleep, so I suppose it's bedtime for all mammals. Except for going downtown for mail and gatorade, I'll try to take it easy tomorrow so I'm feeling good enough to go to church on Sunday. I don't know about singing in the choir - when I do have a voice this evening, it's definitely baritone.
So please pray for me, and that I don't give this to the girls. And know that I love you more than I can ever say.

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