Sunday, October 28, 2012

Look What I Found!

Dear John,
I finally did it! I figured out how to get this photo off of the church website!
I never had a photo of your tonsure. I didn't even get to see it, since I was in the back directing the choir. I've been trying to "save as" from the website for a long time and it wouldn't let me, but  today I had a brainstorm. I pinned it to Pinterest first - the website would let me do that - and then saved it from there. So now I have a copy, and now I can show it to you.
It's a beautiful photo. The diffused light is lovely. And it seems to express something essential about you, as you bow your head  in obedience to Bishop MARK, Father Matthew, and Father George. I'm glad the other Subdeacons are there, too. And I'm really happy that Andy is there - you always loved him so much.
There's so much light because we didn't have the iconostasis up yet. The building wasn't finished - no iconostasis, no icons on the walls, the floors weren't done - but it was Church, it was a holy place already. It's so beautiful now, with everything finished. And it's crowded these days. We're averaging at least 70 people on a Sunday. I looked around a couple of weeks ago and discovered that, sometime when I wasn't looking, we became a parish of young families and children. And I love it! I love hearing babies and children during the Liturgy. And Father is getting lots of practice baptizing tiny babies in oily water!
I hope you always knew how happy and proud I was when you were tonsured. Part of me trembled to think of you ever being tonsured Deacon, but I knew how much you would love it so I wanted it for you, if it was what the Church asked of you. There wasn't time for that, as it turned out, but I'm so thankful you were a Subdeacon. You so loved being able to help Father in any way you could, and he so loved you. Having two Subdeacon Johns could be a bit confusing at times, but we enjoyed the humor of it all.
And because you're a Subdeacon, you get prayed for a lot. In the daily prayers, every Orthodox Christian prays every day for all the reposed who are in the clerical orders of the church. And that includes you. I'm glad beyond words to have you so commemorated.
Well, I need to get on with my day, such as it is. I still can't talk. And I woke up feeling worse and having some trouble breathing, so I made myself stay home. I hate it, but this little viral infection seems to have put me into a full-blown asthma flare-up. That's the breaks when your lungs are wired backwards!
Have a lovely Sunday, Subdeacon. I love you so much,

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