Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Autumn Reading Program

Dear John,
There are two minutes left in the first half of the game - Notre Dame and Miami - and the Irish are up by 10. They wouldn't be if the 'Canes had half the number of penalties or their receivers could hang on to the ball, but I'm not complaining. Oh, and if their field goal kicker wasn't 1 for his last 6 attempts. They're playing at Soldier Field, which is like a bigger home game. The earthshaking thing is that they're wearing new helmets, and they aren't solid gold. Call down the lightening from the skies!
Jethro and I have had a quiet day. He's slept a good bit of it, and I've been dealing with a headache most of the day. Fall is getting serious here. It never got above 45 today, gray and cloudy, snowing in Michigan. Tomorrow night's low is supposed to be 31. I may have to get out a jacket sometime soon. We'll have a baby baptized tomorrow at church, then I'm going to lunch with Ron. I'll tell him hello for you.
I finally got to watch Shutter Island today. It keeps showing up on television, but always when I'd miss the first half of it. I'd only seen enough to know that it's delightfully atmospheric, and today was the right day for that. So when I could catch all but the first couple of minutes, I had to go for it. (So much for getting things done around here!) It was really good, with a marvelous twist at the end that completely snuck up on me, and I was surprised to see how good an actor Leonardo DiCaprio is. I posted on Facebook about seeing the movie, since you're not here to talk to and Jethro slept through it. Diane said the book was good, too, so I got it on Kindle and started reading. It's a good book so far - I'm looking forward to the rest of it.
So how's that for fall reading: Shutter Island  and Something Wicked This Way Comes?  I've always picked books to fit the weather. And do you remember Kathy that worked at the grill in college? She said she could tell the weather by what I ordered for lunch. If it was sunny and warm, I had a tuna sandwich; if it was raining, it was grilled cheese; and on cold day, I got chili. What surprised me was that everybody else didn't do that. Last night there was a cold rain - it was a fast day - dinner was obvious: a PBJ and tomato soup.
You've always been so gracious with my eccentricities! The more I watch Big Bang Theory, the more I realize that I am Sheldon with better social skills and no fear of germs. (I worked in Critical Care long before universal precautions and have had most bodily secretions in my shoes; if the average germ was bad for you, I'd have died long ago.) But having an anal retentive wife does at least insure a clean house, so there is an up-side to it. You always wanted me to be me; not only did you not try to turn me into your ideal woman, you didn't seem to even bring her along with you. I probably shouldn't expect anything less from the world's only perfect man.
I'm not sure if I'll stay up for all of the game - I'll be getting up early tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I do miss watching all of these things with you. But it's Saturday, so you'd be at work anyway. Saturdays are easier for me than most days, because I'm used to you not being at home. With Jen and Elyssa gone this week, I wonder if my emotions will take advantage of the time alone. - if so, I'm sure it's what I need. There may be some things that need to shake loose. We'll see. Jethro is bored already, poor puppy.
I love you so much! Miss you, adore you,

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