Sunday, October 7, 2012

Don't Read "Shutter Island" After Dark

Dear John,
I've discovered that Shutter Island is not a good bedtime book, especially when you're alone in the house. It's definitely a book for the daylight hours. And the days are getting shorter. I got up at 7 this morning, and it was still pitch-dark. It's going down to the upper 20s tonight, so folks are covering up their plants. I never got any out this year, so there are no worries here. I just want a good, hard freeze to lower the mold count. Jethro isn't crazy about the cold - when he goes out, he comes back in as quickly as he can. He's short-haired without a heavy undercoat, so that's not surprising.
We had a good morning at church. The baptism was wonderful, of course, and AJ was an angel. I was the only woman there for the choir this morning, so Brian took the melody and I sight-read the alto, all of which was great fun. Then Ron came over for lunch, and we ended up talking through dinner, too. It's been a very good day.
The dog is sound asleep beside me, and I need to join him. Morning will come early. I love you so much! I'm glad I have Jethro to sleep with, but he can't put his arms around me and his conversational skills are poor. I miss you so much at bedtime - no matter what crazy shifts we worked, we always had our cuddle time when both of us - or the last one of us - came to bed. Talking to you at the end of the day, with my head on your left shoulder and your arms around me, is the hardest thing to do without. Jethro does his best, but he's not you. And I can hear you saying that you're glad to hear that! Nobody is you, ever was you, or ever will be you. And I only love you, with all my heart.

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