Monday, October 1, 2012

Sleepless on the Ceiling

Dear John,
I have exciting news, and I need your prayers! Sometime this afternoon the hospital posted a part-time position in the cancer center. My application is in, phone calls and text messages are out. I would so love this job! So please do pray about it for me, and involve anybody else up there that you want to. I'll keep you posted on events here.
And if there's anything else going on here, it hasn't come to my attention. I went to work today, came home by the recycling center, stopped at the bank, saw DeWayne and talked to him for a while, came home and got the trash collected and to the street, took care of the dog, ate dinner, checked job postings, scraped myself off the ceiling, and spent the rest of the evening on that job application. I applied on-line, which you have to do, and got my resume ready to send in to anybody that wants it. Now I won't take a deep breath for days. And Jethro expects me to sleep tonight, poor silly creature.
You could always sleep, no matter what. We decided years ago that your default position was asleep and mine was awake. I remember the evening you got the call about meeting with the search committee at the church. It was competely out of the blue, and exactly what you were wanting. You got off the phone, told me about it, yawned, stretched, and said you were going to bed. I couldn't imagine how you could sleep; I was up for hours trying to wind down and relax. You always had the ability to let things go when there was nothing more that you could do about them. I've gotten more that way in the last few months, about little things like lawsuits and possible bankruptcy. But this job issue has been different, and I can't do it with that. Getting any nursing job at my age is very, very difficult. It's about like you, when you were looking for a restaurant management job in your early 50s. The young folks doing the hiring think we're so old we must be dead already. I want this job; I need this job; this is exactly what I've been looking for.
Well, I've done all I can. We'll see what the Lord has in store for me. I know that He knows what's best, and is quite capable of doing whatever he wants to. I know you're praying for me - while you're at it, you might say a prayer that I'll be able to sleep tonight! For the dog's sake, if nothing else.
Love you, always and forever,
Your sleepless wife.

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