Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Lime-in-the-Cocoanut Cure

Dear John,
I had a fairly slow day off. I had my six-month eye exam this afternoon. All is well, but I have some lense clouding that will need laser treatment in the next six months or so. I'd been feeling pretty down all day, but while my eyes were dilating I heard "Put the Lime in the Cocoanut," which cheered me up immensely. The station called it a "forgotten 45" - I don't know whose memory they're thinking about, but I still remember every word. It's nice to know I'm putting my brain to such good use, isn't it?
I found this on Pinterest this evening. It's one of the things I want to say to you, so I'll put it here and let it say it. It makes no sense to young people, but there are a lot of things in marriage that are much more intimate than sex. This is one of them, especially when you've been married long enough that you know the words, even when they're not said. We used to cuddle up like that and discuss theology, and that's even more intimate because you're opening up the core of what you believe to another person.
Now I go to bed without that nightly cuddle, and it's one of the hardest things I have to do That's why some nights I'm up to such unreasonable hours, because I still want to go to sleep with you. If I could, I'd just never go to bed again rather than go without you. But nature does require sleep. So I'll cuddle with the dog again tonight, and be glad for the sweet warmth of dog fur, but miss you.
So again, sleep well tonight. Don't miss me, but do pray for me. And if I'm still feeling down tomorrow, I'll try that lime-&-cocoanut thing and see if it makes me feel better.
Missing your arms around me,

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