Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Mystery of the Two Utility Bills

Dear John,
My fears about the tea were justified - even with 50 mg of Benadryl, I was awake until 2 AM. But I slept well after that. And I found a woman on Pinterest with lots of wonderful boards to look at, that kept me happy and busy.
Today was a domestic day. I paid bills, did laundry, washed sheets, cooked for the rest of the week, made some phone calls, and got my hair cut. Nothing strenuous, but a good busy day.
I have good news. I called NIPSCO because I had two bills from them with two different amounts on them. It turns out that the one with the credit on it was the final statement for the old account in your name, and the one with the lower-than-usual amount was for the new account under my name. It was lower because the credit from the old account was applied to it. I set up a new on-line account this morning, and set it up to be on budget, of course. They must be using the last six months to determine the budget amount, because they set it up for $50 less than what we've been paying. And less is good! 
It's interesting to look back over the last year's usage. The huge amount I paid them last month wasn't from the hot summer with three of us living here. It was for last October, November, and December. That was when you were on Taxol and couldn't get warm, so we turned the thermostat up. (Well worth paying for - you know that. Stop apologizing. Right now.)
Remember those weeks? The heat was turned up 10 degrees higher than usual, you were wrapped up in an afghan wearing sweats and a knit hat, and I was sitting by an open window in a summer tee shirt. That's taxol for you! But in spite of making you cold and making your hair fall out, it worked well for you. Which begs the question: Why can't I be on drugs that make me cold? Why am I always on drugs that make me hot, when I'm already having hot flashes? There's something wrong with this picture. And for the sake of complete disclosure, right now the thermostat is set on 66 and I'm sitting by - you guessed it - an open window. It's one of the joys of fibromyalgia - living with a broken internal thermostat. I'm going to roast no matter what the heat is set on. Or if it's not even on at all. 
Tomorrow is a work day, so I'd better get myself and the beastie off to bed.
Oh, I forgot. Last night I wrote a general thank-you note on Facebook to all my friends for their wondeful love and support these last six months. I can't imagine surviving it without Facebook. It kept me in touch with the world and my friends, gave me things to laugh about, reminded me that life is still going on around me, gave me a venue for whining when I needed to - did so much more than I can say. I strongly recommend Facebook as a part of grief therapy. I've been able to hear every day from friends all over the country. Everybody has been so nice to me.
And now I really do have to go to bed. I love you so much. Sleep good, and please keep praying for me.

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