Friday, November 23, 2012

A Jigsaw Puzzle & a Birthday Party

Dear John,
I had fun this morning - your mother and I worked a jigsaw puzzle together. Hard to imagine, I know. This evening, Jim and Irene took me out for my birthday. I was to pick the genre and they would pick the restaurant. So I said I wanted Italian, which should make me and everybody else happy. They took me to a lovely little family-owned place in the historic district of Dayton. You'd love the restaurant, and you'd love the neighborhood. It reminds me a little of that historic section of Cleveland that we walked that summer day. I'd love to go back and explore it in daylight. And if I eat there again, I'll just get the fried risoto and the soup in larger quantities, and skip the entree. It was good, but the risoto and soup were wonderful.
I hadn't expected any celebration (read: notice) of my birthday this year, with you and my parents gone. But your family had an early birthday party for me, and it was fun. It's nice to know somebody is glad I was born.
Glad we both were born,

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