Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bipartisan Birdship

Dear John,
Election Day is finally here. And no matter which way the vote goes (and I'm expecting it to go to the Supreme Court), there will be no more political ads for a while. I can watch network television again. God made Netflix especially for the two weeks before an election.
Jen voted at 6:30 before getting Elyssa up and off to school, and I went as soon as she got home. You know how Topeka's polling place can get so crowded in the late morning - you might have to wait five or ten minutes, Heaven help us. There was no line that early, and no line at the bank. Voting was in the new town library - it's a very nice polling place with plenty of parking.
If I see ONE MORE political ad .  .  .
Not all polling places will be so nice today. This campaign has been so contentious that the UN has sent in observers. I'm not sure if that says that the rest of the world has decided that we're corrupt, that we're barbarians, that they have a huge stake in having this come out in an orderly fashion, or all of the above. But from some things I've been hearing on the news, I do have to say I'm glad they're there. Topeka, however, it its usual peaceful self. I have the only car in the county with an Obama sticker on it (which makes it very easy to find in parking lots), but here I don't have to worry about vandalism. Harold knows that I pretty much vote against everybody he has a yard sign out for, but we've been friends for years and that won't change. After all, I've crossed party line to vote for him. The thing is that nothing changes quickly around here - we all know that we'll be here together long after these candidates are gone. We have more invested in each other than in any political movement. And no matter how rabid some of us might be about our politics, we care even more about each other. So I haven't been run out of town on a rail yet, and DeWayne processed my ballot without physical violence. We don't need UN observers here.
I do hope Facebook calms down after today. I posted this bird photo this morning, and discovered its bipartisan appeal by seeing who "liked" it. The creature is popular with all my friends - rabid republicans, rabid democrats, rabid libertarians, and the non-political who just want it all to go away. Maybe the bird should run for office; that might solve all kinds of problems. I'm not sure how we'd prove where it was born, so it might have to stay in Congress. But we could use some bipartisanship there, too.
I have to go get my hair cut soon, so I'll hear all the scoop about what's going on in town. I heard at the bank that voter turnout all over the country is very high, which is good. I know people of all ages who are voting for the first time. I suppose a contentious campaign will really get folks out there.
Gotta run! I'll keep you posted as the day goes on. It will be a long day and a late night. I just hope it really is settled before morning.
Love you bipartisanly,

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