Saturday, November 3, 2012

Charlie Chan & Notre Dame

Dear John,
It's late and I'm sleepy, but I had to talk to you for just a minute before going to sleep. I went to Elyssa's first basketball game this morning - 8:30 this morning - and all went well. It's a mixture - there are some kids that you can tell play at home, and some who haven't played or watched basketball and have no idea what's going on. And they're all so cute doing it. It was fun.
Then I came home and spent the rest of the day knitting and trying to stay awake. I know I took at least three involuntary naps. I put two Charlie Chan movies on - the first ones I've watched without you here to tease me about them - and I did stay awake for those cinematic masterpieces. And I stayed awake for most of the Notre Dame game - they beat 4-4 Pitt in triple overtime, so now they're 9-0 for the season. It's all been very exciting and you can almost hear South Bend celebrating now. There will be late partying tonight.
I have a headache now - could you rub my head before we go to sleep? Daylight Stupid Time ends tonight, so we all get to turn our clocks to the real time for a change. I'll love getting an extra hour of sleep tonight. That does make me happy. But not as happy as you rubbing my headache away, which is what I'll think about after I turn the light off. I love you so, so much!

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