Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deposition = A Way to Avoid Sleep

Dear John,
It may be a long sleepless night. The deposition is tomorrow. Since they know I had the head injury and don't remember the accident, it seems the only reason for this is to try to trap me into saying something that can be used against me at trial. Skilled and practiced as I am at talking, I'm still scared of saying the wrong thing. All that I can say about the accident is to repeat that I have no memory of it. I have no idea what they might be fishing for. I'll meet with my attorney before the deposition - maybe he knows what kind of questions I'll be asked. He'll be with me during the deposition, and I'm glad for that.

Let's be honest - I'm terrified. I keep telling myself that by this time tomorrow, this part will be over. And I'll be glad for that, but there may be a trial ahead. I'll fill you in on all the details tomorrow. Please, please pray for me between now and then! I've been asking St. John to pray for me, too, since he was taken to court during the building of the cathedral. When people asked him who was to blame he said, "The devil."

That's probably true in many lawsuits. But I know from the witness accounts that I was at fault in this accident. What remains to be decided is whether the doctors (who released him with only bruises) or he (who is claiming total and permanent disability) is right. And besides the other stresses of a trial, there would be the general embarassment of going before a jury and judge and all the other people in such a small county that we know each other. A lot of people would be put in the position of having to take sides, and in such a small community that can be so destructive. We don't need a civil war between Topeka and Shipshewana, enacted in LaGrange, with refreshments from The Emma Store and militia from the military school at Howe. Yeesh. Would it be covered in the Hometown Treasure, the monthly news organ for Topeka and Shipshewana? Probably, since there's no daily newspaper in LaGrange County. 

As usual, Facebook is providing a great outpouring of support. I appreciate every one of them more than I can ever tell. But only you could really settle me down tonight. So I need you! Come rub my back, let me curl up on your shoulder, and pray with me, and I'll feel much better. Pick me up and drive me to the deposition, and take me out for ice cream after it's done. What will really happen is that I'll leave work, go to Elkhart, go back to work, and stay for Kathy's Open House, then go home and manage Elyssa and Jethro while Jen's heavy furniture is moved over to her apartment. Saturday will be more of the same, punctuated by Elyssa's basketball game. The good thing is that all this distracts me from the lawsuit. Sometimes. Clearly not tonight.

Enough whining and grousing. This is the penalty for my miraculous survival of the accident. Just think: If I had died there would be nobody to sue, and if I'd died it would have been the magic number to change the intersection to a 4-way stop. I apologize to the community for my failure to die. But according to the Mayan (or maybe Aztec - I can't remember) calendar, the world will end December 22nd. So there's no need for any of this, right? Chiliasm never dies.

I will now try to go to sleep. If I can't, there's always Pinterest to keep me out of trouble. I'll talk to you tomorrow after the deposition.

Love you so very much - wish you were here -

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