Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drat! I Need a Clothes Pin!

Dear John,
Remember me saying I was going to need a bigger paper clip, when I was dealing with all the medical bills Anthem had turned down because they had your date of death wrong? Well, I've ditched the paper clip and graduated to a clothes pin. I spent all day on the phone, and can honestly say things have gotten worse.
One billing place gave up on Anthem and turned me over to a collection agency, Anthem has changed your date of death back to January 31st, and because of that my health insurance has been cancelled. So I spent all day on the phone, then went down to the pharmacy to fax death certificates to assorted places. One was Anthem who now says they never got one, and if I send one to them they will consider changing your date of death (again) to April 13th. Another was to the collection agency. I used my formal voice with them, told them I was the executor of your will (which I am), and that you'd left no estate (which you didn't), and there'd been nothing to probate (which there wasn't). So basically, if they want to be paid they need to work this out with Anthem. Anthem, meanwhile, says they've already paid those bills, which they weren't supposed to pay anyway because you were dead before you incurred those costs. And I was notified yesterday that my COBRA was cancelled in July (even though they're still cashing my checks and paying my claims) because I didn't pay them in March and April. I explained that you were alive in March and April and we were paying your regular premium, so they informed me that you were actually dead then.
It's very tiring to be polite to all these people. But I did manage it. And I called in the cavalry - I left a message on Erin's machine. I had to argue with people to get put through to her, since you're not on LOA from Panera anymore. But I wouldn't go away so they finally gave in. The people they told me to call were the ones that cancelled my insurance and told me I was wrong about when you died. I'd had enough of them for one day.
I think I've just had enough of everything for one day. And now I get to try to go to sleep. Tomorrow I'm working, and going straight from work to church for the Akathist of Thanksgiving, which I sorely need, then to Brian and Bekah's for a spaghetti dinner, which I also need - comfort food is called for here. But this is the reason I upped my cell phone minutes. I was thinking that I could go ahead and cut them back - now I believe I'll wait a bit. I may need to involve an attorney in this, but I'd rather unleash Erin first. She's been advocating for me since the date of death error was made in April, and she'll know who to go to so it will get corrected again.
The real problem is that the bills are so big that everybody is trying to get out of paying them. Thank goodness for Obamacare - without it, you'd have reached your lifetime cap during your hospitalization and we'd have been cancelled a month before your death. And there would be no COBRA for me because the cap was reached. 
I know when you were alive, and I'm glad you were alive. And I can advocate for myself quite well. And I don't hesitate to call in the cavalry when it's necessary. It will be alright. I'm just tired tonight, and dreading the trouble all this will continue to cause. I didn't expect the date of death problem to relapse. Don't worry about me - I'll keep pushing until it's all taken care of. This time I'll put a stake through its heart so it stays dead.
I love you so much - thanks for listening to me grumble. Please pray for me - for patience and kindness on my part and for the parting of the insurance waters on theirs. And keep praying for a new job for me; it's scary to watch the savings account shrinking. I know you love me, I know the Lord is in charge, no matter how overwhelmed I feel at the moment.
Adore you,

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