Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happily Overdosing on Football

Dear John,

It's football day - most of the country is recovering from too much turkey by watching too much football. Sounds like a wonderful thing.

I'm still in Springfield, using Jim and Irene's computer while everybody watches football upstairs. Ohio State beat Michigan earlier today, Georgia beat Tech, I never saw the UK-Tennessee final but Tennessee was leading the last I did see. I'm on a roll that I don't want to be on. I hope things change when Notre Dame plays USC tonight. A win would give the Irish a perfect season.

I talked to Jen this morning. Jethro is doing fine as in eating, sleeping, and going out, but she says he's spending half his time glued to her and the other half lying on my bed and not wanting anybody else near it. I suppose he's protecting it for me. She put the phone on speaker when I was on - his ears shot up, then he rolled over to have his belly rubbed. I predict canine hysteria when I get home tomorrow. I'm sure he's a bit skittish about his last remaining human leaving home. Poor creature. He's going to want to sleep for a week, either in my lap or sitting on my head.

I need to run upstairs for dinner before we begin to imitate the Donner Party. I just had to talk to you for a minute. Thank you for making me a part of your family. They've always been so good to me, and especially now. We all miss you. It seems a bit surreal to have Thanksgiving without you. I really don't want to think about Christmas. But I'm on vacation this weekend, so how about not thinking at all?

Love you, miss you,

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