Friday, November 16, 2012

I Believe in Zombies

Dear John,
Late night, long day, long week. I never did get to the Akathist - I got home from work at 9:45 tonight. Kathy's Holiday Open House was from 4 to 7 tonight. I was going to stay until 5 and then leave for church. But the Open House was really busy and I was needed for all of it. I couldn't leave Kathy to do it alone. Then Kirby came home and they invited me to stay for homemade pizza and a re-run of last night's new Big Bang Theory - who could say no to that? I came home to the usual hysterical dog - usual when I'm gone after dark - who didn't get calmed down until around 11, when Jen and Elyssa got back from seeing the latest Twilight movie. So now it's after 1 am - I'm tired and Jethro is on your side of the bed energetically un-knotting his latest rawhide bone.
I've decided that I do believe in zombies. Your date-of-death problem appears to be one of the walking dead. It was killed in May and rose again in July. The next time I kill it, I'll be sure it's dead. If Erin can't get this settled soon, I'm going to go see Galen. A couple of letters on legal-firm letterhead should straighten things out. In the meantime, my fibro is feeling the stress and the TMJ is bothering me for the first time in a few years. Last night I was eating soggy cereal at bedtime, and every time I chewed it sounded like somebody was twisting bubble wrap in my jaw. I stuck to softer foods today and it's getting better, which means quieter.
Please do pray for me. The medical bill hassles are getting to me. And I'm leaving town early Thursday morning, getting the dog ready to leave (Jen is house-sitting), and getting ready for the deposition on November 30th about the car accident. And I still need another job. And I'm getting ready for Jen and Elyssa to move the first weekend in December. Then I get to paint two rooms and haul furniture around. As Mama would say: I'd be happier if I kept myself busy.
I know it will all get done. I'm missing you now because I always talked to you when I was feeling overwhelmed, and you made it better. I'm telling myself all the things I know you'd say if I could talk to you, but they don't work as well coming from me as they did from you. Or maybe it was just the act of telling you that made me feel better. Whatever it was, I mss you doing it. I'm finding that it's easier to feel overwhelmed when you're alone. One thing you'd say is that none of this took God by surprise, and I do find comfort in that. Please do get everybody up there organized to pray for me!
Rest well tonight, and remember that I adore you!

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