Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dear John,
Just a short note tonight - I have a killer headache, nauseated, feeling miserable. Aspirin didn't help, adding caffeine didn't help, so I'm going to take Percocet and go to bed. It that doesn't help, I will seriously consider removing my head. I'm not much for headaches - I usually have about one a year - and I've never had one like this. So here's hoping for better living through chemistry.
I wish you were here to rub my head. Actually, I just wish you were here; you don't even have to rub my head. I'll go take drugs and cuddle with the dog while you pray for me. I'll talk to you more tomorrow, if my head is still on by then. I'm sure you have lots of practice praying for my head!
Love you so much,

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