Monday, November 12, 2012

The Monday Night Quandry

Dear John,
I'm in a quandry. It's Monday night. The Steelers are playing. The game will start soon. I'm working again tomorrow instead of Wednesday. I'm falling asleep sitting here. I'm trying to get over a sinus infection. I want to go to bed so bad. But the Steelers are on tonight! Tell me what to do!
I miss you at times like this. I asked Jen what to do and she looked at me and laughed. She's way too smart to take sides when I'm arguing with myself. But you had no fear - you'd always tell me the right thing to do. So: What do I do????
Maybe I'll compromise - get ready for bed and see how I feel then. I have a feeling that I'm going to go to sleep whether I'm in bed or in front of the television. Maybe I should just accept the inevitable. But the Steelers are on!
On a totally different subject: The weather has changed. Yesterday it was 68 and the house was open. This morning it was 28 and snowing. The ground was too warm for it to stick, but it was pretty to watch it fall. I tried to let the dog out this morning - I opened the door, a snowflake flew in his face, and he backed up three feet in sheer terror and refused to go out. That's our big brave guard dog.
Well, I'm going to start getting ready for bed and see what happens. If I can't stay awake for the game, watch it for me and tell me all about it tomorrow.
Love you so much,


  1. Hey Joan, its Sophia from church :) Ive been hearing about this blog from Facebook and, i must say that this site is a beautiful work of art and commemoration to John. Your letters are very touching and delightful to read :) Love you!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you're following along. Love you, too!