Monday, December 17, 2012

Cheering on My T-Cells

Dear John,
Jethro did come down the hall last night when I turned the light off, and slept cuddled up with me. I think he was just ready to have the lights off, poor creature.
I feel better emotionally and worse physically - which may have been the reason I was feeling so bad emotionally, since my body was trying to fight this thing off. Jen and Elyssa had a nasty tummy virus over the weekend and were generous enough to share. So far I'm having a lighter case of it than either of them, bless them.
I haven't been able to get warm all day. And since my thermostat is broken, that's unheard-of. Remember the choir at church? If I was hot, Stana was cold, and Mertice was just right, you knew you had the temperature set right. You called the soprano section your Three Bears. I'm just like Mama - she always dressed for weather one season warmer than everybody else, and people always asked: Aren't you cold? She hardly ever wore a winter coat - I haven't had mine on yet this year. And she never owned a sweater in my memory. I have turned into my mother. And I like that - except that I could give up being hot all the time. But I've been this way all my life, and don't expect it to change.
Well, that's the news from here. What I do tomorrow will depend on how I'm feeling. I still have some Christmas cards to get out, I need to run to Rome City for heartworm pills, and the bathrooms could stand a cleaning. I predict I'll either feel much better or much worse, depending on who wins - the virus or my T-cells. Please pray for my T-cells. May they be victorious! (It's a good thing I married another science major, isn't it?) I aways miss you even more when I don't feel good. So I'll go to sleep tonight pretending that the pillow is you.
Adore you,

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