Thursday, December 6, 2012

Death & Taxes

Dear John,
You'll love this. I was taking care of some medical bill issues today when I looked down into the file drawer, and I saw all the certainties of life right before my eyes. The first file is labeled "DEATH" and the second is labeled "TAXES." There it is. And the next file should probably be added to the list; it's labeled "CREDIT."
I sat there and laughed. There was my file drawer: death and taxes. After that it's alphabetical - credit, insurance, medical, utilities, veterinary - each folder subdivided alphabetically. But the two in front were put there for easy, frequent access. Death and taxes. Welcome to my year.
I did basic housework today: scrubbed the kitchen, wound yarn for Christmas presents, finished bringing books up from the basement, got the second bookcase in the living room emptied out, spent the morning on financials and medical bills. Father called and I had a good talk with him; I always feel better after talking to him. I was planning to go to the memorial service tonight at Yeager Funeral Home, but I started getting a migraine around 5:00 and decided not to risk the trip, since I have visual changes and I'd be driving after dark. I'm sorry Jen has migraines, but so glad for the help she gives me. Studying about them in school is nothing compared to her experience with them. I have an expert right here in the family. She's my computer and migraine resource person.
I should take my head and put it to bed. I got on top with aspirin when I first started feeling the pain right behind my eyes and nose, so it's stayed a dull ache. What bothers me most is the nausea, which gets a lot worse when I get up and move around. The dizziness hasn't been bad today. My vision is just a bit off, and my depth perception isn't accurate. The houses across the street were a lot closer to ours this afternoon than they were this morning. That's why I decided not to drive to Ligonier tonight. I should be fine in the morning.
If you think about it, please pray for my head. I know - you've been praying for my head for years. And I thank you for it!
Love you great bunches,

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