Saturday, December 15, 2012

How I Caused Havoc in Cyberspace

Dear John,
After a night full of nightmares, I pulled myself out of inertia, cleaned and straightened the house, and caused trouble in cyberspace. You'd have loved all of it. And I need to blow off some frustration. So let's do this chronologically.
I had nightmares all night about Elyssa being in danger from somebody. The "somebody" included killer clowns, an opera company, some 1920s gangsters, Russian spies - and they're just the ones that I remember. I woke up feeling like I'd been trampled by all those folks. So I got my shower, had breakfast, did laundry, and paid bills. By then I was feeling energetic so I moved the two wall shelves from the bedroom - where the desk was - to the office - where the desk is now - and got all the stuff moved and organized. And I put the family photos and the mirror back up in the bedroom. Things are looking a bit more normal.
I took a lunch break finally at 5 PM, had soup, talked to your sister, and started on Christmas cards. I'm not doing a Christmas letter this year, because most everybody knows way too much detail about our year already. There are a couple of letters I'll need to write to people that we're not in email contact with. But most of the cards just need short notes. I'm about half-way done, and hope to finish tomorrow. That will be a huge task off my mind.
Now about that cyberspace havoc: A post showed up on my Facebook News Feed today that was really good, about a hero - a Sandy Hook teacher who was killed saving her students. For some reason, the story was posted by a site called "Christians Against Obama's Re-election." The site name was in huge bold letters across the top, so you couldn't help read it before reading the story. A bunch of us commented and asked if they thought that only Christians against Obama could honor and pray for her and her family. Then I logged off and did my day's work.
I got on Facebook tonight, and had a note that the site had answered my comment with something that began, "If you are truly so delusional as to . . ." Well, of course I wanted to see the rest of it. I found that my comment, and all the others that had raised the same question, had been expunged. The site's comments expressing anger and condemnation toward us were still there, so I have a feel for how many of us there had been. The post had been removed from my Newsfeed. And all of us were threatened - if we ever mentioned Obama again, we would be banned from the site. Now that's my kind of threat! And while you're at it, please don't throw me in the briar patch.
I don't remember who among my friends shared it so that it ended up on my News Feed. And I can't look it up now, since it has been removed. I didn't intend any offense toward my friend, just to raise a question with the site. There were more oars in the water than I realized at the time, and we created a maelstrom. Interesting and unexpected.
Bless you, you didn't mind me being feisty - you wanted me that way. When you said that you wanted an independent, strong-minded, smart-mouthed woman, you meant just that. Like Harriet Vane said about Lord Peter Wimsey, you wanted me to agree with you intelligently or not at all. And you never minded when I disagreed with you. You were usually right, unless it was a matter involving the color wheel or dinner. You respected my brain, and so, logically, my opinions. Thank you for that. You weren't like the man in the Millay poem, who said, "Such a big book for such a little head." I remember well how angry you were with a man who would say that to the woman he was supposed to love. You treated me, in all ways, as an equal. There is no adequate was to thank you for that.
There's only one thing I can say: I love you, I adore you, and I worship the ground you walk on.

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