Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Love You For the Sump Pump

Dear John,
Winter seems to be arriving with a vengance, and that's appropriate since tomorrow is the winter solstice. We've had pouring rain on and off today, and the wind has howled. Now the backside of the low is coming toward us, bringing snow. We're only supposed to get a couple of inches, but with the wind like it is they're putting out the winter and/or blizzard advisories, talking about white-out conditions tomorrow in the outlying areas. Here we are - outlying. I suspect I may not be able to get to work tomorrow. But I got everything for the weekend done already, so it shouldn't be a problem if I can't. The wind has been high enough to close the toll road all day to some double and triple trucks.
So today I'm grateful to you again for the sump pump. It has worked beautifully today and the basement is dry as a bone. Before it was put in, after a day like today we'd have 3-4 inches of water throughout the basement. I so appreciate you having that pump put in! I always check the basement regularly when we have heavy or long-lasting rain, and every time it's dry. But I remember well the floods we has in the past. And I thank you so much for the sump pump.
Remember the Trane commercial, where the two guys are eating at a diner and one says he's decided to ask his girl to marry him? And no, he didn't buy her a ring, he bought her a Trane AC unit to show he's in this relationship for the long haul. My reaction was to tell the girl to throw a net over this man so he can't get away! That's the kind of man I always wanted. And that's the kind of man I got. I didn't need a Trane, but I did need a sump pump. And you got us one and left me a dry basement. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! It is one of the most important things you ever did for me.
So we'll see what happens with the weather tomorrow. I have plenty to do around the house and in town, if I can't get out of Topeka. I won't take chances, don't worry. For one thing, Bob hasn't replaced my tires yet and he said they wouldn't be good on snow as they are now. I could do nothing but sleep and knit, and still not be ready for Christmas. So there's enough here to keep me out of trouble.
Oh, I saw Joe today for him to follow up on the migraine diagnosis. He's not sure if it's migraines or not, but he examined my head and I passed. He wants to keep track of what happens with it. He's not surprised that the dizziness from the accident remains, and not surprised that I'm having short-term memory problems after the events of the past two years. Bless him, he doesn't over-treat.
I'm off to bed now, to be sure I get enough sleep to get up for work in the morning and see if the roads are passable. Jen and Elyssa are in the Keys right now, so they're good and warm. I envy them the time with Danica - I really do miss the child. But I found the perfect Christmas present for her - I'll tell you about it after Christmas.
Be warm and dry - no wind, tornadoes, or thundersnow where you are. Give Naomi and Caleb a scratch for me, and I'll give one to Jethro for you. Love you forever and ever,

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