Monday, December 10, 2012

It's a One Dog Night

Dear John,
Pardon me if this letter is a bit bumpy. I'm sitting on the bed with the laptop, all ready to go to sleep, and for some reason the dog is crawling around under the bed. There are no toys under there - nothing but some of his fur balls - but he's decided to stay under the bed for a while. It's not quite as dramatic as when Naomi insisted on sleeping under the bed after she had grown to full size. When she was a puppy it was a great place for her. But at full Irish Setter size, it was an adventure. I remember her lying spread-eagle on the floor beside the bed, and slowly dragging herself under it using her claws. Then we were all okay until she decided to turn over in the middle of the night - the whole bed would heave and we'd feel each paw move across the underside of the box springs. I didn't do the box springs any good, but as entertainment is was great.
Caleb was a sensible creature. He had a dog bed and he slept on it. We've never had a dog do that before or since.
Jethro had a dog bed and he slept on the living room sofa. Since you've been gone, he's slept up here with me. He and I both wanted it that way - I wanted the company and he had to be sure that Mommy had someone here for protection. Hence the sitting on my head during thunder, wind, rain, fireworks, dumpsters at Tiffany's, lawn mowing, and any other unusual neighborhood noise. I just want you to know that I am very well protected from rain and dumpsters. He sits on my head and keeps guard over me.
He seems to have gotten tired of being under the bed. Now he's lying next to me and is fast asleep. Last night he slept cuddled up with his back to my chest for most of the night. He's been more cuddly than usual since Jen and Elyssa moved out. I'm his only remaining human and he's determined not to let me out of his sight.
And he's enjoying the Christmas tree - only his second one. He keeps approaching it very slowly and carefully, and gently sniffing at the ornaments on the lowest branches. As usual, I put the heavy unbreakables down there, including the bells. So he keeps startling himself by touching the bells and making them ring. It's pretty funny to watch.
I felt a lot better about Christmas when I got up this morning and the tree was up. It was a good decision to go through with it. It's a beautiful tree, and it gives the house a peaceful feeling that it didn't have before. I tried again today to listen to Christmas music, and did okay with the CD of Liturgical music. That was the first time I had any feeling that Christmas was really coming. Unless the Mayans were right. Which would still be nice, wouldn't it?
I love you so, so much. Can you make reservations for me to catch the next bus that comes to Heaven? I don't care what time it leaves. Hope to come soon,

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