Saturday, December 29, 2012

Meet Hunter

Dear John,
Meet Hunter. When I picked him up this morning, I knew he looked familiar. I figured it out halfway home - he looks just like Jenny Lawson's new kitten (The Bloggess), whose name is Hunter S. Thomcat. So Hunter it is.
He and Jethro have achieved detante. Jethro likes him, but is very enthusistic about it. And since Jethro's head is bigger than all of Hunter, he was terrified of Jethro. So he spit at him, and now Jethro goes in mortal terror of the cat. He follows him around wagging his tail, and staying just out of spitting distance. When Hunter arches his back, Jethro backs up about three feet. You would enjoy watching them together. Right now they are both asleep on the couch, Jethro on the seat in his usual spot, and Hunter just above him on the arm of the couch.
Hunter rode on my shoulder all the way home, then hung out for about three hours on the couch right behind me. After he was certain that Jethro was cowed, he went around and explored the house. He's had food and water, and knows where the litter box is but hasn't used it yet. I'll relax when he uses the litter box.
Jethro has looked so happy all day. He has something to be interested in and try to play with. It's good to see him doing anything but moping - it's been a long time. He misses you so much. He still goes in the closet when I open the door and goes straight to your shoes to sniff them, but now he turns around and sighs and looks sad. I hope Hunter distracts him from his grief.
So, what do you think about all this? Are you going to come back and get me for it, or are you happy for Jethro, or maybe both? Obviously we'd both rather have you than any creature on earth - or all the world put together. But that's not an option for us. Hunter is a good addition to the family. But don't hesitate to come back and get me!
Love you so, so much,

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