Saturday, December 1, 2012

Of Family, Lineage, and Other Small Topics

Dear John,
.  .  .  .  . 
I'm stuck. I'm sitting here staring at the keyboard wondering where to start. Everything is stiff and sore except for the end of my nose. My brain seems stiff, too. And I'm tired. So let's be chronological.
The moving crew got here around 9:30, and three hours later the heavy stuff was moved. I did Jen's laundry for her, cleaned, and got a good start on the Furniture Round Robbin, hauling stuff from room to room and rearranging. I'll need help before I do any more - there's heavy furniture to be brought up from the basement.
So I'm nesting, which is one of my favorite things. But the house is so quiet and I miss my girls! This is the next stage of things for all of us, and it's good and right. But it will take some getting used to. The nesting will keep me busy and distracted, since I'm trying to get things done quickly and get the Christmas tree up. There's so much to do.

I've been pondering issues of lineage, family, and other small, well-demarcated topics. Irene and I each had friends that thought it strange that we would have Thanksgiving dinner together. People tell Jen and me that we have no responsibility toward each other. I'm sure we're not the only family-with-insufficient-legal-relationship that keeps hearing this. And you know what? We're all just going on our merry way, being family with the people we love, and letting the rest of the world either deal with it or mind their own business.

I'm loving passing family things down to Jen. She has the dishes we started with, the measuring cups Mama bought for me after we got engaged, the shelves I bought for the kitchen at our first apartment, the shelves I bought for the kitchen at our last apartment, and lots of things in between. It is good to pass things to the next generation. Watching some of them go out the door pulled some heartstrings, but this is what I want. When things to go to somebody that knows and loves us, and knows the stories behind the things, it keeps the stories from ending.

Because of Jen, our story won't end. There will be stories funny, sad, and everything else that she will carry with her and tell to her grandchildren. And we carry the story of Jen to our extended families - and anybody else that is willing to listen - and the ripples keep moving outward. When you love people, there will be ripples you never know about.

Right now, what I know about is that the Motrin is finally starting to do something - we'll see how much when I try to get up from here. Fibro may get its revenge tomorrow - hope not; I have too much to do.

Bottom line: I'm nesting, and I miss you - both to nest for, and to give me your input and opinion. I'm still thinking at every stage of this, "Will John like it this way?" I think you're very happy with what I've done today. But I'd really like your advice on office curtains.

Sleep well tonight - I expect the dog and I will. Pray for Jen as she goes out on her own for the first time in several years. And pray for me, as I'm on my own for my first time ever.

Love you, adore you, miss you,

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