Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rambling About Red Scrubs

Dear John,
I've had a good day - reading your texts from last March did wonders for me. Again, thank you so much for those words. Did you know I would keep them? I do know that you wanted to be sure I knew how much you loved me. And I do. Thank you for loving me.
To come down from the sublime to the ridiculous: The new IU scrubs aren't as bad as we had feared. I was at the Cancer Center today taking in some hats I'd made for the patients, and saw them for the first time. It's not a bad red - not orange or maroon, not as intense as it could be, and cheerful-looking. And I saw a pretty good variety in top styles. They're getting mixed reviews at Goshen, mostly because some of us just don't look good in any red.
Remember we first heard about them at Methodist in Indy? All hell was breaking loose about them. The attitude toward the scrubs is a good indicator of the cultural difference between Goshen and Methodist, isn't it? There's a huge difference between a big teaching hospital and a community hospital. So many things are different - the nursing personality, the relationship between physicians and nurses, the chain of command - and, of course, the food is vastly different. I've always been a teaching-hospital nurse, no matter where I've worked. Most of that is because I graduated from UK and Dean McKenna would come take my degree back if I was otherwise, but some of it is just my personality. Almost everybody I've worked with has appreciated that, especially the physicians. Except Dr. Dahdah, and I didn't like him either.
Well, that's enough rambling, and I need to go to bed now. Thank you again and again, for loving me as I am, and for leaving me those wonderful words to be sure I knew it, know it, and always remember it. They mean the world to me.
Love you great bunches,

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