Friday, December 28, 2012

The Lord and Angi Provide

Dear John,
I found a cat. Or rather, the Lord dropped a cat on my head. Angi found him abandoned at a gas station dumpster yesterday. I'm thankful that she found him, since it got down to 14 last night. He came right to her and jumped in the car, then rode on her shoulder all the way home. He's about 9 months old, short-haired, friendly with people, eating solid food with no problems, and he immediately took to the litter box. She can't keep him. She posted on Facebook that she had a kitten that needed a home, just as I was posting that I was looking for a cat. The solution was obvious. I'm picking the little guy up in the morning. I'm not working again until Wednesday, with the New Year's holiday coming, so I'll be home to help all the animals get settled in.
Kathy gave me some of Shadow's hand-me-downs: a bed, a carrier, and some toys. I went to Walmart and got a litter box-scoop-dishes set, some kitty litter, a collar and leash, a scratching board, and a mat for the dishes. Angi will give me the bag of food she bought for him. So I think I'm set. On everything except a name. The only names I can think of are girl's names. Jen says to give myself 24 hours getting to know him, and then pick out name.
It's been a delight to watch the consternation among my friends over the fact that I am getting a cat. Everybody is happy about it except your mother. It was you that really detested them, not me. Of course I'm a dog person, but if I had the money and stayed at home more, I'd have rabbits and lovebirds and parakeets and hamsters and an iguana or two, and goodness knows what else. When I was a child I was on the verge of getting a kitten when I discovered my allergy to cats. I outgrew that about ten years ago. So with Jethro moping and me no longer allergic, it seems like the right thing to do. And then this cat fell out of the sky on me. We'll see how the household interspecies dynamics go.
Oddly, I don't feel like I'm betraying you by getting a cat. I think my mother is ragging you no end about it, since she loved cats so much. And I can almost hear that long, happy laugh of yours. I am certain of your support in this new endeavor. But I still expect you to come back to get me for it, so please don't let me down!
Watching for you,

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