Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Plan to Get You Back

Dear John,
I've got it. I've figured out what I can do that is so outrageous and offensive to you that you'll come back and get me for it.
While we were in Indy and you had "the talk" with me, you gave me your blessing to do all kinds of things if you died: date and re-marry (Heaven forbid!), sell the house, move, all kinds of things. There was one thing you did not give your blessing for me to do. I don't have your blessing to get a cat. And as much as you detested them, I imagine that's the one thing you wouldn't take lying down. If anything would upset you enough to make you come back and get me for it, that would be it.
So I'm going to get a cat.
Seriously, I've been thinking about it for a couple of months. Jethro needs a playmate. You're gone, and Jen and Elyssa are gone, and he's lonely. I can't meet all his needs. I remember the day I first thought about getting a cat for him. I came down the hall one morning when the front door was open and the sun was coming in through the storm door. He was lying on the rug asleep, but not centered on the rug like he usually is. He was up against the storm door as close as he could be. On the other side of the glass was one of the neighborhood cats, also lying up against the door, also asleep. They were sleeping as close to each other as they could get, with just the glass between them. I saw them later that day, sitting nose-to-nose through the glass of the door.
I don't think getting another dog would be the best solution. The house is too small for two dogs, and they'd have to figure out the pack-position issues, and Jethro can be a bit jealous. A cat would live in its own realm, and they could overlap as much as they wanted to. So I'm looking for a cat (not a kitten) that has some experience being around dogs, preferable short-haired, and an indoor cat. This could be a great adventure, but with Jen here I have a cat expert to call on.
So come on - have at me! Come and scold me for bringing a cat into your house! Come after I have a cat, and stay long enough for it to grow on you. Can you tell I'm trying to goad you into visiting me? Joking about it with you does make me feel better. I miss joking with you. Would you feel right praying for me to find the right cat? Please do, if your cat-hating conscience will allow it!
Love from your wife and dog, and maybe even from your future cat,

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