Monday, December 3, 2012

Things Got Better When the Sun Came Up

Dear John,
You'll be glad to know that I got logical again when the sun came up. What a relief that is, huh? I'm ready to go at the office again and eager to get the changes made. I've learned this year how different the world can look after it gets dark outside.
It's been a long day - I got home from work just before 9:00. Jen came by after work and let the beastie out, bless her. He wouldn't go out this morning. It was foggy, and it seems that he's decided that he's afraid of fog. I'll add that to his list. I know - we made him neurotic. He's been through so much since we brought him home. He is slowly getting accustomed to being alone after dark, though. He seems to have learned that I'll come back.
I'm off tomorrow, and hoping to get the office together enough that I can start getting ready for Christmas. I'd love to get the tree up on Thursday. The Christmas letter will be hard to write this year. There are a few people on our Christmas card list that don't know about your death, and a good number that don't have email and don't know all the details. And in my business Christmas cards, I need to be sure all of my customers know. I'm hoping to get all of that taken care of over the weekend. And, of course, in my spare time I have more calls to make about medical bills. That is the one constant in my life! Slowly but surely, it's all getting worked out.
It's after 10 now, and past our bedtimes. Jethro is curled up beside me on the bed, and I'm getting sleepy. I love you, adore you, and worship the ground you walk on. You may have guessed that.
Sleep well,

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