Monday, January 7, 2013

Back Home Again In Indianapolis

Dear John,
I'm in Indy for the first time since you were discharged from Methodist last February. Being back is very emotional and, as strange as it sounds, I can't figure out what the emotion is. Maybe I'm just feeling sentimental. The car is confused - it wanted to turn in at the Methodist parking garage, then it wanted to turn at the driveway to Candlewood. I wish I had some free time. I want so bad to go to Methodist, eat in the cafeteria, go visit CCU and say thank-you, stop in at the cath lab, text Jill and ask if she has time to get tea with me. It will be sad leaving tomorrow without going there. I'm surprised to find how attached I've become to the place. Maybe I'll come back alone sometime and make a sentimental journey.
The hotel has been an adventure, rather like the one in Hayes, Kansas was. The desk staff is wonderful.  But the light over the sink is burned out and they don't have any replacement bulbs, the drapes are coming down, I have a double bed with one pillow, and there's a rather disconcerting fist-sized hole in the bathroom wall. And tonight Notre Dame is playing Alabama for the national championship, and they don't get ESPN. They get ESPN2 and ESPNU, but not ESPN. And their wi-fi won't let me watch it on my laptop. So I will sleep tonight after all.
And I should go to bed soon, since I'll be getting up at 5:30. I'm not sure what I want to say to you tonight. I think I just want to sit and stare adoringly at you. My heart is full, being back here. I feel close to you here. If I do cry tonight, it will be because of the very special time we had together here. Thank you for those days. Thank you for saying all the things you said you wanted to be sure you had time to say to me. Thank you for loving me.
Love you with all my heart,


  1. Why are you back home again in Indiana?

  2. I brought some older friends down for a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning at IU. He can't drive anymore, and she doesn't drive much outside of Topeka. And I could arrange the time off, and know this part of Indy well from last winter. So here I am!