Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ceremonial Clothespin Removal

Dear John,
And now we have it - the ceremonial removal of the clothespin!
After starting with a paper clip and advancing to a bigger paper clip, it finally took a clothespin to hold all the bills that were pending settlement of the date-of-death issue. And that's how important you are to the universe - hoards of billing entities waited with baited breath for the greater part of last year, longing for the final determination of just when you died.
Today I went through the files, and pulled and organized everything for 2012. So I removed the clothespin this evening. There are only two bills pending now. It's been at least two months since I heard from either of them, so I'm pretty sure everything is settled. But I left those two out just in case.
What we actually paid in medical bills is ridiculously small compared to the total amount billed. I'm so thankful to Panera for the quality of their health insurance! Our medical deductible will be huge, though, since insurance payments count. I met with Michael last week - he's going to email me a list of what I need to bring him. I'll take my laptop in with me again, and he can pull from Quicken almost everything he needs. I'm just waiting for all my forms to arrive. I already have statements from the bank and Social Security. And, as anal as I am, the Taxes file had been kept ready all year.
I missed you last night, but you're probably glad you weren't here. I had a bad fibro night - not pain, but paresthesia. I itched and twitched and stung and squirmed all over. I tried to go to bed at 10:30, took 50 mg of Bendaryl at 11:30, took 25 more at 1:00, and at 3:00 finally took oxycodone. And I got to sleep around 5. Kathy didn't need me today, thank goodness, so the exhausted animals and I slept in until 8, then had breakfast and a 2-hour nap. And you already know how I spent my evening. It's been an odd day, but a productive one.
I'm heading off to bed now, hoping for a better night. I'll leave you with this photo, to commemorate the great event.
Love you so much,

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