Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hunter Gets A Home

Dear John,
Thank you for the trip to Morocco last night - we had a good time until the Russian mob found us again. I have no idea why I keep dreaming about them. I probably watch too much Burn Notice. I thought it was interesting that Kathy and Kirby brought their cat and flew all that distance so I could help them give Shadow his medicine, but it was nice to see them.
This dream was an interesting variation on a theme. You know that, for the first couple of months after you died, I had nightmares every night that I was trying to rescue you from something. And those dreams came back the week before Chrismas.This one had a similar story line but the mood was different. It was more like a dark comedy. I assume this is progress - at least it's more pleasant.
Your little family had fun today. The cat tower arrived and I spent the early afternoon putting it together. Then I hauled furniture around, finding a place for it in the living room. It ended up in the southwest corner - I put the stereo on the other side of the recliner. I may tweak it a bit, and I need to re-hang one painting, but it really works well for such a small room.
And the cat loves it. I have his food dish up out of Jethro's reach. It has a rope, and two toys on strings, and he's loving all of them. Tonight he took a nap on the highest platform. He loves the dog, but really needed a place of his own that was unassailable by canines. Oh, and he's already figured out that the sisal posts are great for scratching. So all is well and all are happy. I found in on Amazon for half the price it was everwhere else. It's so much fun to watch him play on it - I think even you would enjoy it.
After all this redecorating, we're all ready for a good night's sleep. Sleep good - I love you so very much.
The menagerie and me,

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