Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saved - By Jen & Amazon

Dear John,
Two crises are solved. Jen and Amazon came to my rescue.
The most pressing disaster involved the back storm door. It's been frozen shut since the freezing rain last Saturday night. Every time Jethro wanted out, I had to use the hair dryer to loosen up the bottom of the door; sometimes it would re-freeze by the time he wanted back in. This has been a major annoyance. And nobody but me was interested in having Jethro use Hunter's litter box.
Yesterday I was grousing to Jen about it and she very kindly had a brainstorm. She said, "Oil it." So I came home, opened it with the hair dryer, got out a tin of 3-in-1 oil I remember my mother using, put some on a cotton ball, and rubbed it over the part of the sill that the door covers. And it's been fine ever since. That makes it so much easier to get up at 3 AM to let the dog out.
The other problem centers around Hunter's food dish. Whenever I turn my back, Jethro eats the cat food. I'm sure he has it all wolfed down by the time I'm down the driveway, so poor Hunter is half-starved when I get home from work. I need to put his bowl out of Jethro's reach. I thought about the top of the dryer, but I don't want to have to leave the laundry room door open all the time. So I've been looking for a cat tower. That would give me a high place for the food bowl, and also give Hunter place to go the get away from Jethro without having to go under furniture. What I can find around here is limited and expensive. So I hit the internet.
I found a huge variety and range of prices. I ended up on Amazon - I got one for $60 and free shipping, that was on other sites for $85 and unfree shipping. It should be here by Tuesday. While I had free shipping from Amazon, I looked through the CDs. I ordered one by Blind Willie McTell, I Am the Blues by Willie Dixon, and a DVD about the history of Delta Blues - for a total of under $10. One of the CDs was $2.50.  A good shopping trip!
So, to sum up: I can let the dog out without the hair dryer, and the cat should be able to eat in peace by Wednesday. And I love you so much for listening to me rattle on about things that don't concern you at all. But maybe they do - whatever concerned me always concerned you. Maybe that hasn't changed. I hope it hasn't. I know your love for me hasn't. I don't know how much of my life the Lord allows you to see, but I hope you're with me every step. So now you know that these two problems are solved. Maybe you'll sleep a bit better now.
Love you great huge bunches,

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