Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Enjoying Memories Not Made

Dear John,

I've been thinking about all the things we wanted to do after you got better. Remember how we'd talk about it in Indy? It was good to think about things outside the hospital walls. I remember that your wants were simple - the Direct TV channel guide, our mattress, and the dog. Those were always the things you missed most when you were in the hospital.

And we'd talk about other things we wanted to do. The first plan, after you felt better, was to run up to Michigan. We'd planned to get a hotel in Holland and stay a few days. We loved to wander the little shops downtown. We could spend two or three days just walking the streets and going into places that looked interesting. Like most things, it was really about being together. After you had time to get your strength back and earn some vacation time we'd go back to Mackinac, maybe for our anniversary again. And we wanted to go back to the Keys and see all the things we'd never had time for when we went to see the kids. I wanted to stay a few days in Key West, tour some of the historic houses, see the sunset, but I didn't have you talked into that yet. We did agree to take a day and go to Dry Tortugas. We'd both have to be in shape for that!

We always had little dreams - drive Route 66, get to San Francisco. Our vacations were as much about the getting there as the being there. We loved to drive and look at the land, stay off the interstates and see the little towns, avoid the chains and eat in the local places. And we were both morning people - we were up with the sun and sleepy when it went down - completely diurnal.

You were the perfect person for me to travel with. Let's face it - you were just the perfect person. I miss all the memories we never got to make. But we made so many good ones! We enjoyed all the time we had together. Maybe we enjoyed it more because we knew there was a chance that there wouldn't be much time. And now there's no more, at least not on Earth. But I'm grateful for what there was, so grateful! Thank you for all our days together. Thanks for the memories.

Waiting to be with you again,

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