Monday, February 25, 2013

Health Insurance, Snow, and The Ray of Death

Dear John,
You'll be happy to hear that my prescription coverage has been reactivated. They lost all my prescriptions, so I talked to Peggy today and they will get them ordered. Anthem is still not convinced that you lived into April, so Health, Dental, and Vision are still cut off. But Panera Benefits has raised my problem to their "highest level" - which seems to mean that they're going after Anthem with the big guns. I'll try not to get sick until it's settled. Bless Whitney - I messed up her Thursday with this schemozzel, and she's calling me from Houston every day with status reports.
I'm home tonight - I don't know if you remembered that I was supposed to have taken Dick and Esther to Indy today for a doctor's appointment in the morning. I was making one last weather check yesterday evening, and found out that we have a major winter storm coming tomorrow. We should have rain-sleet-freezing rain starting around 8 am, turning over to snow by noon, to rain in the middle of the afternoon, then a mix (the pink stuff on the Weather Channel maps) in the evening, for a total of about 6 inches here. I'll try to work some tomorrow, but it will all depend on the track and timing of this thing. It's creating blizzards over the Great Plains, 18 inches of snow in Texas, 6 feet of snow in Kansas, and tornadoes south of the snow areas. We could have gotten to Indy with no problems, but Heaven knows when we could have gotten home. The trip is re-scheduled for mid-March, which should be less adventurous.
Meanwhile, today was sunny and 40s. I opened the front door to let the sun in, and Jethro and Hunter curled up together in the sun and went to sleep for over an hour. Then the phone rang, Jethro jumped up barking, and Hunter took off like a shot for some hide-away spot. I didn't see him again for a couple of hours. But it was lovely to see the sun. I ran to Walmart today because of the weather forecast. I wanted to pick up everything I'd need if I couldn't get out of Topeka for a few days. Dog food, cheese, yogurt, and meat on sale - the essentials.
I meant to tell you last week and I kept forgetting: I've seen the first sign of spring. Last week the sap buckets started appearing on the maple trees. And today I saw the second sign - there was a dead skunk in the middle of the road. You know how slow and drowsy they are when the first come out of hibernation. There are new calves in the barns, and in a few weeks we'll see lambs in the fields. You missed all of that last year, though I took pictures for you to look at. I hope you can see and smell spring this year.
That's all the excitement here - we're just watching and waiting to see where this storm goes. It's Topeka, so we'll be fine. I can put on boots and walk everywhere I need to go. I'm glad you're warm and dry and safe!
Love you, miss you,

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