Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pinterest & McCartney on a Rainy Night

Dear John,
It's near 40 and raining, I can hear the train whistle blow from the county line. The dog is outside getting muddy, and the cat is next to me playing with a yellow-and-white felt mouse. It's a good night
I just had a Pinterest orgy. I saw that one person had pinned an icon, followed it to an Orthodox board, followed another pin to another Orthodox board, and you get the idea. I'd opened a door into a wealth of Orthodox Christian boards out there. It will take weeks for me to explore them all. I repinned lots of things to my boards The Orthodox Church, Favorite Saints, and Books Worth Reading. The people who follow me on Pinterest will be inundated with Orthodoxy.
On the way to work today I decided to try the radio for a while. I turned it on in the middle of an old, old Beatles song. "While I'm away, I'll write home every day. And I'll send all my loving to you." And that's what this is all about - what I'm doing here. You're at home; I'm the one who's away. So I write home every day. And send all my love to you. Paul didn't know this kind of separation when he and John wrote the song, but he does now. I wonder if he hears the song differently these days, like I do.

Thank you for not showing up in my dreams last night. I'd been meaning to have a talk with you about that. I've dreamed about you every night for a week or so, which should be a good thing, but you really need to re-think what activities you plan when you come for a visit. Every dream has been about trying to save you from some kind of medical crisis. And I do think we've done enough of that, don't you? That's been going on since our 3-month anniversary. Enough is enough. I'd love to have you come visit at night. But can we do something innocuous? Let's go to Mackinac, or run up to Holland, or just stay home and talk. Those dreams follow me all day and leave me emotionally worn out.

There are a lot of trains this time of night. You can only hear them when the wind is out of the south - that's why it's raining instead of snowing. We have a chance of sleet and freezing rain in the morning. Don't worry - Jen and I will be careful.

Now go check out my new stuff on Pinterest, while I get the animals off to bed. I wish I could spend this lovely rainy night with you!

All my loving,


  1. Confession time! When I first saw you at church I thought there is no way we can friends. You were pious(I was silly enough to equate devotion with "stick-up-the-rear."), not fidgety (I just knew that someone as fidgety as me would get on your nerves) and you had immaculate posture.

    I'm so thankful I was wrong! You are simply wonderful. I admire your devotion and I love how real you are. I just used the word "orgy." I'm also thankful that you don't seem too bothered by my fidgeting (Shall I thank Jethro and Jen for breaking you in?) and as for the posture, well two out of three isn't bad, I'll still be your friend. ;)

  2. Pious??? And as to 'not fidgety," watch my feet and ankles sometime. I've been beating myself up because my posture had gotten so sloppy lately, so thanks for the encouragement. Remember I'm a critical care nurse - I know words that would make a longshoreman blush, and I have the toughest ears in town.

  3. Yes, pious! You are very devout. Its absolutely beautiful. And the posture is really quite good. You're welcome! just your ankles and feet? psh posh, but I will. :)