Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Playing Like Cats & Dogs

Dear John,
There's not much going on today. I had a nice busy day at work. After I got home I made burgers out of a pound of ground beef, and sauteed onions and bell peppers to go with it. And there was a new NCIS on, which was really good.
The animals have provided plenty of entertainment tonight. Jethro still looks like he's devouring the cat - he likes to take the cat's head in his mouth - but Hunter just purrs and lets him. Hunter is more than twice the size he was, and he can hold his own very well. Twice I've seen Jethro grab Hunter gently by the nape of his neck and carry him, and the cat made no objection. Obviously there's instinct at work here.
Tonight Hunter was on his tower and Jethro was sticking his head up toward him. Hunter was batting at Jethro's head with his front paws, and Jethro was letting the cat shove his head back down. They seem to have gotten quite fond of each other. And that's a good thing, especially considering Jethro's tendency be jealous. He will still push and shove for my undivided attention, and I'm careful to be as equal as I can with my time, but I'm not concerned that he'd ever want to hurt the cat.
I'm napping. Don't touch my toy!
If you were here, we could take turns playing with them and he'd be happier. But, as I've said before, if you were here Jethro wouldn't have gotten so depressed that I had to get him a cat in the first place. I do think you'd like Hunter, though. It's fascinating to watch his mind work. You'd love how quick and curious he is. At least for now, he's very cuddly and affectionate. That may change as he gets older, but I'm trying to do all the bonding I can with him now while he's a kitten. And he and Jethro have certainly bonded! Some days I come home and they're both so worn out that they sleep for a couple of hours.
Now it's me that's worn out. So we're all off to bed. It would be a nice bedfull if you were here, too. But now Jethro sleeps on your side of the bed - very properly, too, with his head on your pillow - and Hunter sleeps on whichever side of me is facing up. A few nights ago I woke up and reached out for you again, and was surprised to touch dog fur. Then I remembered.
Forever reaching for you,

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