Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revenge of the Date-Of-Death Zombie

Dear John,
It's back. The Death Date Zombie has returned. Today I found out - quite by accident - that all of my insurance was cancelled in November. I wasn't notified. Joe's office tried to call in a prescription and Express Scripts told Kim that my coverage had ended in November. So I called Express Scripts, and they set up a 3-way call with Anthem to get it straightened out, which would have been great except Anthem also said my coverage ended in November. Remember when they un-corrected your date of death, and cancelled me for not making COBRA payments in February and March? Of course you were alive then, and I didn't COBRA until May. I'd explained all that and it was supposed to be fixed. But somebody at Anthem is bound and determined that you died on January 31st, and isn't impressed by little details like death certificates.
So anyway, I have an appeal filed with the Panera Benefits Administrator. He should shake the appropriate trees at Anthem in the morning and get it fixed. Panera Benefits is tripping over themselves apologizing, and none of this is their fault. But they are willing to go charging into battle on my behalf. And it is good to have an ally.
I know it will all get straightened out eventually. I'm not stressed over it. I'm just weary, and tired of battling with agencies over your date of death. I must have explained the situation at least 50 times by now - to Panera and Anthem multiple times, and at least once to every billing entity involved in 90 days of hospitalization. And people are being very nice to me. I'm just finally fed up with it. Somebody really needs to slay this zombie for me. Every time I think it's over and done with, the darned thing rises from the grave and it all has to be done over again.
If this zombie is out and about tomorrow, it will be in danger. There's heavy system snow expected. They're saying 3-4 inches tonight, then a layer of freezing rain to top it off in the morning. We'll see what happens; I'll keep you posted. And I'll update you on the state of the zombie. And my weariness with the whole thing. It looks like we were right on the first guess - it will take over a year to get all the medical bills settled. That I expected.
Sorry to complain at you. I'm weary tonight, and wish you were here to look after me - you know, let the dog out, make me toast, jump on your gallant steed and go tilting at insurance companies on my behalf. Instead of all that, please pray for me, and I'll know you still have my back.
Love you so, so much!

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